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The Dembart checkering tool is a completely new tool engineered to satisfy the most exacting demands of precision craftsmen. You have only to use it for a few minutes to convince yourself that we really have made it possible to do a professional job of checkering more easily and faster than with other products. Just push the cutter along and feel the clean, easy manner in which it cuts. Shallow or deep, straight or around corners, parallel lines or cross hatching, with the grain against it it's all the same to this tool. No "backtracking" to clean up ragged spots. Every cut is a clean one!

All cutters are made of steel, hardened to give long service. The wooden handle is well balanced and is comfortable to grip. The cutter blades come in various styles, in lines per inch. Tools may be purchased as Complete Kits, Single Tools pre-assembled with handles and cutters, and Replacement Cutters.

Designed especially for work on gunstocks, this tool will do the curved borders, "Fleur de Lis" or any fancy boarder work - a perfect tool for clean-up work the diamonds at the border junctions. Dem-Bart Veiner available in 60- or 90-degree included angle made to cut small tight radii and borders.

Also available are a variety of special wood finishes as listed on the Finishes page.

We also stock Wood Blanks for gun stocks. For information on wood please contact us. We would be happy to photograph the blanks we have in stock and send you the photographs via e-mail.

Designed to measure existing checkering and aid in laying out new work. This item now supplied with Dembart checkering Tool Kits or can be purchased separately.

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